Angling Times

The UK’s market-leading angling publication, Angling Times caters for all areas of coarse fishing including carp, match, predator specialist and the general pleasure angler. Each issue features exclusive news content to inform and educate readers about the hottest fishing venues, cutting-edge methods and value-for-money deals that will influence their next fishing trip. When it comes to netting a prize catch, anglers like to spend big, with readers splashing out a total of £25 million annually on their hobby.

Improve Your Coarse Fishing

The UK’s leading monthly fishing magazine, Improve Your Coarse Fishing aims to help you become a better fisherman and to catch bigger and better fish. Packed with instructional, straightforward advice and information, readers trust and respect the brand, with 98% having visited a website as a result of seeing it in the magazine. These fishermen spend a total of £21 million annually on their hobby, so we like to help them net a great deal.

Sea Angler

Sea Angler is the UK’s leading sea fishing monthly magazine, helping readers to improve their skills and become more effective anglers, be it boat, shore or bass fishing.  The title is informative, helpful, honest and trusted by thousands of dedicated fishermen, who spend a total of £13 million annually on netting a great catch. Our readers fall mainly into the B/C1/C2 social grade, bringing home an average household income of £37k.

Trout Fisherman

The UK’s only dedicated trout fishing magazine, Trout Fisherman wields a huge amount of power within the fly-fishing family. In fact, 98% of readers find the tackle reviews useful when deciding what items to buy next. The magazine comprehensively covers techniques to catch even more fish so its readers (76% fall into the A/B/C1 social grade and have an average household income of £55k) aren’t left floundering.

Trout & Salmon

Trout & Salmon is the UK’s leading game fishing magazine. A high-quality title, it delivers inspirational and informative features to its affluent audience (64% in the A/B category with an average household income of £64k) alongside beautiful photography. When it comes to spending their salary, 74% of Trout & Salmon readers think that angling magazines are the most influential source when choosing products to buy. So there you have it. Advertise with us and you’ll leap ahead of the competition.

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