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The Number One West Midlands commercial radio brand!

The Free Radio brand serves over 800,000 adults across the West Midlands every week on FM, AM, DAB and online.

Free Radio FM reaches 722,000 listeners each week and is now the most listened-to commercial radio station in the West Midlands.

Our presenters are people that you want to spend time with. Genuine broadcasters who understand what life’s like in the Midlands and love to have a laugh. We’ll also be first to give you all the important bits too, like travel and local news, to help you through your day.


Upbeat, positive music radio is what we are all about, music radio that makes you feel alive with a soundtrack of the biggest pop songs from the last fifteen years.

Free Radio FM (Birmingham & Black Country) FM, DAB, Online

Free Radio FM (Shropshire) FM, DAB, Online

Free Radio FM (Coventry & Warwickshire) FM, DAB, Online

Free Radio FM (Herefordshire & Worcestershire) FM, DAB, Online

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