Digital Photo

The market-leading photographic title in the UK, Digital Photo shows readers how to use their cameras and imaging software to create pictures of a high standard thanks to a series of practical, easy-to-follow projects. Our influence is huge, with 97% of our audience visiting a website after seeing an advertisement in the magazine over the last 12 months. But our readers aren’t just looking – they’re buying too, spending £53 million on cameras and lenses in the same time period.

Practical Photography

Practical Photography readers have been living life through a lens for years, with the average reader having had an interest in traditional photography for 18 years and digital for four. Whether they’re a novice or a professional, we give our audience inspirational images, creative techniques and in-depth reviews to help them improve their skills and take better pictures. And here’s a figure to make you smile – as well as being snap-happy, our readers are cash-happy too, spending more than £41 million on cameras and lenses in the last 12 months.

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