The Debrief delivers a distinct mix of tailored content that mirrors the behaviour of the constantly connected ABC1 20 something female, providing relevant content at the right time and through the right channels.

The Debrief puts a modern take on traditional content pillars. Emotion and humour is added to fashion and beauty editorial; news is aggregated to give an opinion on a broad cast of characters; funny and frank sex content gives honest insight and advice, plus the best recommendations around going out (clubs, bars and restaurants) and staying in (food, interiors, books, TV and film).


Aggregating the news as well as setting the agenda with original pieces. Everything is personalised through the eyes of a 20 something girl, it covers the issues that matter directly to her and her friends by picking up on key social trends that really reflect her life and what’s important to her.


The Debrief reflects an innovative approach to fashion & beauty amongst 20 something females. The unique tone & approach add a layer of humour & emotion and offer a real representation of her life.

Things To Do

The Debrief is all about maximising her every experience. We know that what she’s doing – whether that involves going out or staying in – is vital to her and fuels her conversation.


Delivering content around sex and relationships in a funny & frank way, offering nonpatronising advice & insight.

Social Media

We interact and converse with our audience 24/7 on all key social platforms – serving up the right content, in the right platforms at the right time for her. With overt social icons visible throughout the site and on article pages, content is shareable across all social touch points, focusing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Youtube & Tumblr. All content actively encourages interaction & sharing amongst the audience.



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