ZOO is the antidote to the pressures of being a British 21st Century male. It lives for today, worries tomorrow covering girls, sport, music, film and technology in a cheeky tone.

It lives for today, worries tomorrow covering girls, sport, music, film and technology in a cheeky tone. ZOO gives it to you straight, giving men what they really want – laughs, girls, sport,– in an easy read, whether that be in print, digital or online.


Think ZOO magazine and you think amazing covergirls, the hottest female celebrity names and stunning exclusive shoots. But each week ZOO also covers the biggest, boldest, funniest and most shocking stories.


Men obsess about sport – and nobody is more obsessive than ZOO magazine. Each week the magazine delivers original sports content, featuring the biggest names and events. With incredible access, unique franchises and hard-hitting columnist David Haye, ZOO magazine does it all: batting in the nets with Jimmy Anderson, talking tactics with Jose Mourinho and following its own sponsored racehorses.


Nothing is more important in the ZOO audience’s world than having a laugh – and each week the mag is packed with the best new gags, topical news spins and comedy compilations. Nobody is safe from ZOO’s irreverent humour; Vladimir Putin, Sepp Blatter or David Cameron. Packed full of the latest stand-up jokes, from the first page to almost the last, ZOO never fails to raise a smile.

ZOO Magazine


ZOOTODAY.COM is the online home of Britain's only men's weekly, and provides readers with all the girls, games, movies, news and funny stuff they need to keep them entertained 24/7. The website has a stream of new content uploaded throughout the week, pushed out to our near-3million social media following. If something's worth knowing and sharing with your mates, it'll be on ZOOTODAY.COM

ZOO Social Media

ZOO’s multiple social media channels ensure the brand is kept at the forefront of its audience’s mind wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, 24/7.

The ZOO Facebook page posts ZOOToday.com’s best selection of wide-ranging content, and the web’s most shareable videos to more than 2.5m fans, while its Twitter page also allows the brand to engage directly with more than 310k followers – reacting to topical events with the inimitable ZOO sense of humour, whether it’s Jose Mourinho’s latest outburst or a politician making a fool of themselves.





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