Innovative NCS Sponsorship


Innovative NCS Sponsorship

Bauer Media have announced they have partnered with National Citizen Service (NCS) for a bespoke multi-platform sponsorship campaign to run until 28th April across Kiss UK, The Hits Radio, Kerrang! and on In:Demand across stations within the Place Portfolio.

The campaign for NCS will provide mass awareness and engagement with 16-17 year olds via high reach and frequency creative commercials and informative and interactive advertiser funded programmes on Kerrang! and The Hits Radio.  NCS is a life-changing experience open to all 16 and 17 year olds across England.  It is a unique three week full-time programme of fun and discovery that benefits both young people and society as participants build skills for work and life, while taking on new challenges and adventures, learning new skills and making new friends.  The programme runs in Spring, Summer and Autumn, all outside school term time.  For more information, visit 

The sponsorship campaign will begin on 24rd January when 40 second-long bespoke airtime commercials, developed by Bauer Radio, will run on Kiss UK. These commercials will be designed to engage Kiss UK listeners according to their individual interests and will be focused to run during breakfast, afternoons and weekend, when school children are most likely to be listening. They will run until 3rd April.

Bauer will also develop 40 second branded trails, voiced by radio presenters such as Alex James across In:Demand, The Hits Radio and Kerrang!. These will drive listeners to the NCS Facebook page. 30 second live reads will also accompany the branded trails on The Hits Radio and Kerrang!.

In addition to these, from February, monthly audio visual promotions will be hosted on Kiss UK, informing 16-17 year olds about NCS and directing them to for more information and to enter a competition to win an iPad mini. The 30 second branded trails will run for seven days, with the online creative running for the duration of the campaign.

There are two dedicated hour-long advertiser funded programmes that feature as part of the campaign. Kerrang! will be handing over the airwaves to some of last year’s NCS candidates, with past participants hosting their own show between 9am-10am each Saturday for six weeks starting on 18th March. This fantastic opportunity will give past NCS participants the chance to talk peer-to-peer to the teens that would be eligible to sign up in 2013. These shows will be promoted with 40 second branded trails voiced by the NCS participant running across the week leading up to the show on Saturday. Presenter Alex Baker will be fronting the campaign for Kerrang!.

The Hits Radio will also host a weekly advertiser-funded show each Saturday dedicated to promoting the NCS. A special guest will be interviewed each week and the show will try to find out why young people love summer, whilst directing listeners online to find out how they can have an exciting summer by taking part in a NCS programme. The show will air every Saturday from 12- 1pm for six weeks from 18th March.

All of the campaign activity will be accompanied by bespoke creative pages on the Kiss UK and The Hits Radio’s websites. These will include copy, imagery and links provided by NCS to promote the programme and encourage 16 and 17 year olds to click through to register.

Bauer will also develop directional media for NCS to drive people to the creative pages as well as the NCS website and Facebook page and an edited version of the NCS introduction video will be hosted on the Kiss UK and The Hits Radio’s websites.

Karen Stacey, Broadcast Sales Director at Bauer Media, said: “This multi-platform sponsorship campaign with NCS is a great example of how Bauer Media enables brand partners to reach both national and local audiences across the UK with tailored, creative solutions. Our Passion Portfolio audiences feel more connected and engaged with our radio stations compared to our competitors and it’s this connection that makes this campaign a perfect fit for NCS, allowing them to reach our younger audience and inspire the next generation of NCS participants.”

NCS falls under the Cabinet Office Shared Communication Services (former COI). M4C is their buying agency and Kameleon is their planning agency.