Kiss FM Joins National DAB Digital Radio Channel


Kiss FM Joins National DAB Digital Radio Channel

The move from a network of local DAB outputs to the Digital One channel was trialled at the end of last year and was made permanent from January 2013.

Rather than broadcasting via a network of local DAB transmitters across the UK including its FM stations in London, East Anglia & South, the new output will allow the majority of the country to tune in to one Kiss station, creating a perfect advertising opportunity for those wishing to reach the youth market.

The switch to one output will make full use of and support the profiles of Kiss’ major talent and programmes such as Rickie, Melvin and Charlie’s flagship breakfast show, now airing to a national audience.

Kiss’ popularity has continued to grow over recent years and in the last year has posted its highest ever reach and hours figures.

Paul Eaton, Arqiva's Director of Digital Radio said "As part of Arqiva, Digital One offers an effective way to connect brands and advertisers with millions of radio listeners. Bauer's decision to launch KISS on our transmitters demonstrates it's a key platform, alongside FM, to deliver growth in radio listening. 42% of people now have a DAB digital radio and the latest figures show it's fitted as standard in a third of all new cars. As digital listening continues to increase, Digital One's aim is to help Bauer deliver continued growth for KISS."

Digital One has over 130 transmitters across Britain. It is owned by Arqiva which provides transmission for all of Bauer's radio brands on FM and digital radio.

*This is a national station defined as with one single editorial output across all areas, rather than a network