Leading Brands Sign Up To Go Think Big


Leading Brands Sign Up To Go Think Big

Channel 4, Spotify and Chime Communications are to offer young people an exciting range of skills development and work experience opportunities through GoThinkBig, the social action partnership launched by O2 and Bauer Media in October 2012.

The three companies have signed up to GoThinkBig, following its early success in delivering practical support and inspiration to young people seeking to break into the world.  In its first two months, GoThinkBig has offered young people over 2,500 skills development and work experience opportunities.  O2 and Bauer Media are committed to providing 9,000 such opportunities over the first twelve months of GoThinkBig.

The addition of Channel 4, Spotify and Chime Communications will increase the range of industry sectors participating in GoThinkBig and open up to young people a wider range of work experience opportunities in broadcasting, digital music and marketing communications.  Young people will be able to access these opportunities through the GoThinkBig.co.uk website and to learn more about how to succeed in these industries through features on the website and in the wide range of Bauer Media youth brands, which reach over 80% of 16-24 year olds in the UK.

Channel 4, Spotify and Chime Communications will make all the work and skills development experiences that they provide for young people available through GoThinkBig.  These may include mentoring, internships, apprenticeships, ‘shadowing’ senior executives, work placements, graduate entry schemes and full time employment posts.  Full details will be published on the GoThinkBig website later in the New Year.

Bill Eyres, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Environment and Sustainability at O2, said:

“When O2 and Bauer Media launched GoThinkBig in October, we invited other businesses to join us in GoThinkBig’s mission to support young people. We are delighted, therefore, to welcome on board such a strong trio of market leading companies.  Channel 4, Spotify and Chime Communications share our commitment to help young people in to the world of work.  They recognise that GoThinkBig is good for young people and good for helping them identify bright young talent who can strengthen their businesses. Their addition to GoThinkBig shows that it is an initiative that can command support and participation from a broad range of industry sectors.”

Colin Campbell-Austin, Talent and People Development Manager at Channel 4, said:

“Channel 4 is a business with a strong tradition of encouraging and working with young and diverse new talent. GoThinkBig is a welcome and unique platform that offers great opportunities to young people and will enable Channel 4 to continue providing amazing platforms to careers in television and the media industry.”

Chris Maples, Spotify’s VP of Europe, said:

“Spotify’s success to date has been built on the energy, innovation and creativity of young people, so we know just how important it is to harness and develop young peoples’ skills to help grow our business going forward.  GoThinkBig is a great way to support young people, give them unique opportunities, and to bring fresh talent in to the business.”

Christopher Satterthwaite, Chief Executive of Chime Communications, said:

“Marketing communications needs a constant supply of bright young talent to stay ahead and to challenge the status quo with fresh thinking. GoThinkBig has quickly established itself as a credible and valuable resource for ambitious young people with a strong desire to succeed and build successful careers. We are delighted to support GoThinkBig, which we believe is good news for young people, for Chime and for our clients.”

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the launch of GoThinkBig in October and said:

“GoThinkBig is an innovative social action project that will offer incredibly valuable opportunities to Britain's aspiring young people who want to get on and get into work.  This is a fantastic commitment by O2 and Bauer Media and I congratulate them on their effort to get young people the skills they need – and help Britain win in the global race.”