Russell Brand Takes Over heat Twitter


Russell Brand Takes Over heat Twitter

Russell Brand – the comedian and actor and tight-trouser enthusiast – will be taking over our heat Twitter feed tonight from 7pm, for 20 amazing and hilarious little minutes. “Wait,” you’re thinking. “Isn’t Russell Brand in LA, an area of America?” Correct. “Isn’t that really quite far from heat Towers?” you continue to think. Also correct.

So here’s how it’s going to work – Russell will be Skyping it in all the way from LA, appearing (fully clothed) in front of a webcam to answer your Twitter questions. For 20 minutes he will be fielding Qs and handing out As, talking about (amongst other things) his upcoming efforts with Comic Relief.

Russell will be hosting an amazing event at Wembley Arena called Give It Up For Comic Relief, where he will join forces with artists such as Jake Bugg, Paloma Faith, Jessie J and Rizzle Kicks to raise awareness of substance abuse and raise money for the charity. You can be there live or you can watch on BBC Three on March 6th.

So if you want to join the takeover fun, it’s easy: tune in to our Twitter account from 7pm UK time and ask away, making sure you tag your questions #CRGiveItUp. Then, tune into the live stream hosted on heatworld – and if that whets your appetite enough to go and see Russell in real life, you can buy tickets to his Comic Relief event over at As Russell himself might say: “Cor! Blimey! Yoga!”