About us


Bauer Media UK is committed to focusing on sustainability, having identified a need to both reduce its footprint and to use its influential position to drive behavioural change amongst its audiences.

25 million UK consumers are reached through Bauer Media’s portfolio of world-class, multi-platform media and entertainment brands including Closer, Country Walking, Grazia, CAR, KISS, Magic, Absolute Radio and the Hits Radio Brand. As a large-scale producer and distributor with the position to both influence audiences on environmental issues and reduce its operational impact on the planet, Bauer Media recognises its unique dual role and responsibility.


We recognise that we both respond to and set agendas for the cultural issues of the day.

Sustainability is one of the pivotal issues this generation will face, and we commit to playing our part in achieving a better future for our planet and its people. Bauer Media approaches this in two ways.

Firstly, as a scaled producer, distributor and broadcaster that is responsible for reducing any negative environmental impact of its business operations.

Secondly, we have the power to influence audiences, their views and habits and can play our part in the sustainability debate. 

Bauer Media UK has committed to eight key sustainability pledges.