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InStream is Bauer’s digital audio advertising platform providing creative digital audio solutions that give advertisers deeper engagement with the listeners of trusted & influential Bauer audio brands.​

Why Work With Bauer Instream?​

With InStream advertisers tap into the expertise of Bauer Adventure, the creative process we use to devise impactful solutions for commercial partners across our iconic & influential brands. ​

Advertise with world-class media brands that provide consistently high-quality brand-safe content with no chance that ad placement could harm brand equity.​

Not only does InStream provide access to Bauer’s iconic & influential brands, it also gives advertisers access to Bauer’s creative influencers – content creators, talent & creative teams – and Bauer’s unique insight & instinct.​

With InStream you know: ​

  • WHO your advertising is reaching –  engaged Bauer brand audiences who are generally upmarket & early tech adopters​
  • WHERE your advertising appears – the Bauer brand context​
  • WHAT the outcomes are – with InStream you get clear campaign measurement, transparency of results & effectiveness​

Commercial Opportunities​

Get your message out across connected devices to increase your storytelling and create deeper 1:1 connections on these trusted & influential Bauer audio brands​.

Audio ads up to 60″ can be played across these audio brands running standalone or alongside any airtime campaigns or as part of a creative partnerships on Bauer brands.​

Contextual targeting across one or two of these audio brands.​

Personalisation of advertising messages served to these brand audiences. ​

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