Case studies

Wake up with Bensons for Beds

The Challenge

Traditionally Bensons For Beds used a sales-driving approach to marketing. But in 2018 that all changed as they embarked on its first-ever branded content campaign with Magic. 

The challenge involved three objectives: 

#1: Increase brand affection and become synonymous with Sleep Wellness and a good night's sleep
#2: Increase brand consideration
#3: Increase brand awareness 

The Insight

Partnerships achieve 23% more considerations than airtime alone. 

Magic listeners were 17% more likely to purchase a bed from Bensons than the national average. 

The idea

An integrated partnership where Bensons owned sleep time, sponsoring times of the day synonymous with sleep. This was the beating heart of the partnership providing familiarity and association with Magic's flagship shows. 

We would then overlay this bedrock campaign with memorable moments, leveraged by the celebrity status of breakfast presenter Ronan Keating, to create stand out and communicate the message of wellness & community. 




Colin Francis: "We have seen a number of business KPIs increase throughout the partnership and continue to evolve the sponsorship since it bagen in 2018". 

Michelle Tunstall, Category Marketing Manager, Bensons for Beds says; "Bensons for Beds is proud to have been involved in a partnership with Magic Radio over the past 12 months. The campaign has helped to increase consideration for the brand as well as building awareness of our sleepPRO technology and tactical campaigns".


Bensons unprompted awareness remains extremely high at 71%

Brand affinity for Bensons increased by 8%

Consideration for Bensons is now the highest in the market.