Case studies


The Challenge

Over 2,500 women a year in England get cervical cancer. However, coverage of screening is at a 20 year low.

PHE wanted to inspire all women 25-64 to attend their screenings, highlighting the risks.

The Insight

Female solidarity has become a huge trend. For the first time, women aren’t just thinking of feminism as slogans or intellectual arguments.

In 2019 it’s about personally looking out for one another in the everyday, whether that’s your best friend, mum or the girl you train with at the gym.

The idea

We called for our audience to celebrate the incredible power of women by calling for each of our readers to tell the women in their lives to get tested.

We wanted to unite an army of women through our influential titles, bringing together women of different backgrounds and ages.

The campaign encouraged readers to start the conversation, become advocates and encourage their friends and family to join the cause to get tested too.



2.4M Reach

25-64 year old women

85% of exposed group would encourage others to attend screenings