Case studies


The Challenge

To create an ‘always on’ campaign that would enhance brand perception, giving people a reason to make behavioral changes and shop with the Co-op.

To drive understanding of their membership scheme and highlight the effect of Co-op in local communities.

To deliver a flexible campaign that would enable Co-op to dial up different parts of their business at different times of the year.

The Insight

Radio is the most trusted medium in the UK and Europe and magazines are a trusted medium, that deliver an uplift for advertisers of 30% against trust KPIs. 

Bauer brands share the same beliefs as the Co-op and wanted to help raise awareness of important
communal causes. With our suite of stations and magazines, we had the right mediums to tell the stories of the Co-op the right way.

The idea

Using a combination our brands, editorial ambassadors, co-op members and colleagues, Bauer would drive trust and loyalty for the Co-op in local communities by showcasing ‘The Co-op Way’ from July to December 2018.

These stories would prove how customers can help local community causes by buying their food and other Co-op services.