Case studies

Bensons for Beds getting the right tone in lockdown

The Challenge

The integrated partnership between Bensons for Beds & Magic Radio continues to go from strength to strength. Bensons own sleep time on Magic and has become synonymous with Sleep Wellness


Due to COVID19 Bensons stopped production and deliveries for a period of time, but still wanted to remain front of mind with our audience

Bensons was aware it needed to be sensitive to the current climate and adapt the tone of its messaging


To focus its messaging on Sleep Wellness, improving sleep and wellbeing, and moving away from sales driving messaging

The Insight

When lockdown happened, naturally people's behaviour changed and for the first time so did their expextations of brands

Our research shows, 87% of people still want to hear from their favourite brands & over 50% favour brands showing positive actions for the community

We knew the campaign tone of voice had to change in order to achieve the challenge set by Bensons.



Originally the tone of voice for Magic's breakfast show credit suited their objectives before COVID19. 

"Magic Breakfast with Bensons for Beds...Free delivery on selected beds and mattresses minimum spend applies"


First things first, Bensons tone of voice changed for the breakfast show credits to suit the current situation.

#1: "The Experts in Sleep Wellness. When indoors sit next to a window. Sunlight will give a natural boost to your mood and energy levels. Find out more at"

#2: "Regular physical activity is associated with more restorative sleep. Schedule exercise in the morning to kick start your body clock. Find our more at"

The partnership between Magic & Bensons for Beds meant they now featured in three new activities to support its audience and community during lockdown: 

#1: Shelf Isolation
A daily feature posted on Magic social, featuring an author going through their own bookcase suggesting books people should read durng this period. Also talking up the merits of reading. 

shelfisolation Bensons for Beds

#2: Magic Book Club's Bedtime Reading with Bensons for Beds
A social sleep tip around the merits of reading in bed, highlighting great reads as suggested by Magic Book Club. Linking in a chance to win the bedtime bundle at Magic's Book Club (in the form of an amazon voucher) to stop the logistics from getting to tricky. #3: Eloise's Lockdown Tips
Tips on how to stay healthy and well in mind, body and soul, with a focus on sleep. Filmed social tips once a week to provide Bensons with some co-branded content that they can share on their channels.