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Bigger, braver & bolder than ever before, Absolute Radio’s breakfast show partnership with Wickes is the most successful in UK radio history and in March 2019, the partnership won GOLD at the Sponsorship Awards.

A partnership spanning over 10+ years, Wickes are more than just the sponsor – they take the fifth seat in the studio, integrated seamlessly into every aspect of the show.

Delivering record returns to record audiences, this partnership is ever-evolving, engaging and entertaining.

The Challenge

The challenge was split into two main components:

1) To continue delivering record results from our long-standing partnership with Wickes.

2) To ensure Wickes remain front of mind with the Absolute Radio audience by showcasing how their product range fulfils consumer needs.


The Insight

When lockdown took place, people’s behaviour changed along with their expectations of brands. 87% still want to hear from their favourite brands & over 50% favour brands showing positive actions for the community. We knew the campaign tone of voice had to change so that Wickes & Absolute Breakfast remained connected and relevant to their audience.


Every touchpoint is hit in an all-encompassing campaign which deftly targets Wickes’ dichotomous audiences.

  • At 6am it’s trade focused messaging targets the painters and builders who are on their way to their first job when Dave bursts on-air.
  • At 8am it changes to homeowner campaigns entertaining the home improvers who listen on their commute.

Getting the right tone of voice during lockdown was key! The credit messaging tone of voice changed to:

Absolute Radio with Wickes. As we’ll be spending a lot more time around the house for a little while, you might notice the odd job that needs doing. And when things are back to normal you can get everything you need at Wickes.“

Absolute Radio with Wickes. At Wickes we’re open online, so make the most of your time at home and plan for your next project, get help, advice and inspiration.”

It didn’t stop there…Wickes also became a partner to Absolute Radio’s Good Deed Register. This deed already ran in the Breakfast show and was amplified as a nice way to give back & celebrate good deeds during this time. Those called out on the Good Deed Register were awarded a £250 Wickes gift card. This weekly Friday Feature for Wickes not only increased brand awareness but reinforced a positive association with their brand during this time