Case studies

Direct Line #LiabilityMate

The Challenge

Direct Line was struggling to resonate with a younger audience, who see very little benefit to insurance due to the financial burden that it comes with. With that in mind, Direct Line set 3 objectives for this campaign 

  1. Build a relationship with this audience so when they do come into Market for insurance Direct Line are front of mind
  2. Increase brand affinity

3. Increase brand awareness

The Insight

Consumption of audio on digital devices is in huge growth & being driven by millennials. We also know that within audio, radio is the most trusted medium in the UK and on average sponsorship achieves 23% more considerations than airtime alone. 

The idea

Sponsorship. Direct Line would sponsor mid mornings on KISS with Andrea embedding their messaging within a brand the audience know and trust. This sponsorship drove awareness and frequency for their target audience. Further support to enable further engagement took place on social, sharing playful videos using the station presenters for relatable & memorable endorsement. 


Direct Line and KISS campaign


402K video content views

1.6M social media impressions

Unprompted brand consideration grew by +5%