The Challenge

To connect and convert a Millennial audience, raise awareness of key Three properties - Go Roam, Go Binge and Wuntu - while increasing brand love, relevance and surprise with disruptive content.

The Insight

Having partnered with Three across KISS the previous year we knew it was authentic, fun formats and reactive content that resonated best with this audience. We built on the relationship with KISS breakfast presenters Rickie, Melvin and Charlie and brought in other power brands heat and Empire to position Three at the heart of topical moments and events – using our insight and influence with celebrities and cultural moments to co-create relevant unique content.

The idea

Bauer galvanised its Millennial audience through one central concept; The Three Couch - a physical property offering something distinct for each brand, allowing for fluidity, ease and authenticity of topics - giving Three invaluable access and credibility to moments of cultural impact.



Consideration for the network rose to 78%

(vs Threes national average of 18%)

Drove 78% awareness

(up from 51% at the start of the campaign)

Brand relevance was rated at 7.5 amongst listeners

(vs the Three national average of 5.5)