Case studies


The Challenge

The object was to address the first-wash anxiety many women feel, alongside building strong brand awareness and purchase consideration while maximising a cost-effective reach.

We also wanted to instill confidence in the target audience that they can wear the clothes they love for longer.

The Insight

A woman values her wardrobe and a value; be that sentimental, the expense or how it makes her feel.  With increasing financial pressures, she sees clothes-buying as more of a luxury and so will often feel first-wash anxiety. 

Lots of us have washed a cashmere jumper and regretted that wash when we pull out a jumper more fitting to a six year old than a thirty six year old.

Women put emotion and feeling into their clothes so why not their washing powder too?

The idea

We utilised the Bauer brands and influencers to produce engaging content that focused on caring for your clothing with Ariel, seamlessly integrating the key message: ‘wear the clothes you love when you want to and as much as you want to.