• Bauer Media consolidates its No.1 position in the TV Listings market
  • TV Choice remains the only magazine in the UK to sell over 1 million copies every week
  • Bauer Media retains its position as the UK’s No.1 publisher in the True Life market
  • Take a Break continues to lead the market as the UK’s No1 women’s weekly
  • Garden News has maintained its position as the UK’s No.1 weekly gardening title
  • Garden Answers has recorded its seventh consecutive YoY increase of 41.3%, as well as a 23.6% rise PoP


TV Choice (w) - 1,219,097 (print only)

TV Choice, remains the UK’s biggest selling magazine for the 9th successive year and the only UK magazine to consistently sell more than one million copies per issue. TV Choice has both outperformed the market and increased share YOY. With sales in excess of 1.2 million copies per week, TV Choice outsells its nearest rival by well over a quarter of a million. These robust figures are testament to TV Choice’s relevance and ability to engage readers with entertaining content that enhances their love of the nation’s favourite pastime.


Take a Break (w) – 542,786 (print only)

Take a Break continues to lead the market as the UK’s No.1weekly, selling more than double its nearest competitor, every week. The magazine’s continued success is underpinned by delivering on and investing in its core editorial pillars of fascinating stories, brilliant puzzles and generous prizes.

That’s Life (w) – 217,358 (print only)

That’s Life continues to engage a younger weekly audience through a combination of inspirational, emotional and incredible true life stories. That’s Life is outperforming the real life market POP and has grown market share POP.


Bella (w) – 165,949 (print only)

Bella delivers a consistent performance, outperforming the market YoY. Bella’s firm belief in editorial value delivers the most entertaining mix of daytime TV, celebrity gossip, fashion, health, beauty and real life stories, week after week. Bella retains its No. 1 position in UK full rate/standalone sales.


Empire (m)123,004 (print + digital)

Currently the world’s biggest movie magazine, Empire continues to innovate, connecting with four million touchpoints globally across its multiple platforms - the magazine, website, social, digital edition, newsletter, podcast and live events.  Last year saw it launch the world’s first ever ‘moving’ magazine cover to celebrate the launch of Fantastic Beasts in October.


Closer (w)- 223,342 (print + digital)

Closer has outperformed the celebrity weekly market YOY and has closed the gap on its nearest competitor. Closer has an extremely loyal readership, the strength of the brand continues to lie in its unique mix and depth of content all rooted in a deep understanding of its readers delivered every week.

heat (w)- 136,470 (print + digital)

heat has outperformed the market YOY. The magazine delivered many firsts in this period following its July 2016 relaunch including: a celebrity guest edited issue with Alan Carr; and the launch of its podcast series.


Grazia (w) – 122,213 (print + digital)

Grazia, with its unique blend of fashion, news, beauty and lifestyle content has outperformed both the celebrity and glossy markets. It sells more copies in a month than all of the other titles in the glossy market. Grazia offers advertisers a unique weekly platform to reach its upscale audience and celebrated its first ever cover-wrap in November by working with premium retailer COACH to hand-distribute 100,000 copies of the magazine across London.


MOJO (m) – 67,518 (print + digital). The iconic music monthly remains the biggest paid-for title in the music market both in the UK and overseas, increasing market share YOY.  MOJO continues to deliver a monthly curation of world class journalism and photography appealing to an audience of passionate music consumers.

Q (m) – 40,003 (print + digital) Q’s unrivalled access to the biggest names brings music’s most exciting characters to life. Through its monthly print and digital magazine it offers a multi-platform delivery which sees Q’s digital edition record an impressive 7.5% growth YOY. As well as running exclusive cover stories with Liam Gallagher, Radiohead and The 1975, the magazine recently hosted its annual awards celebrating its 30th year attended by rock and pop luminaries Blondie, Ray Davies, U2, Meatloaf, Muse and MIA.

Kerrang! (w) – 18,462 (print + digital)

Kerrang! sold nearly a million copies in total during the ABC period and continues to deliver to an audience of passionate young alternative music fans across its radio, TV and digital platforms.


Yours (f) – 254,886

2016 saw the relaunch of Yours with a brand new section ‘Your best life now’ and investment in sampling and brand awareness. This activity has resulted in Yours continuing to outperform the market both PoP and YoY. The product remains useful, trusted, celebratory and caring, resulting in a very loyal 50+ following.


Garden Answers (m) – 27,957

Garden Answers was the fastest growing UK consumer magazine YoY and recorded its seventh consecutive YoY increase of 41% YoY, as well as a 23.6% rise PoP. A dual rise in this period is unusual in this very seasonal market. Garden Answers grew newsstand sales YoY driven by a clever tactical marketing plan and a fantastically targeted editorial product.

Modern Gardens (m) – 29,074

Bauer Media successfully launched Modern Gardens into the market in the Spring of 2016. This new innovation bought ‘outdoor living’ to the very traditional gardening sector and drew new readers – growing the whole category YoY.

Garden News (m) – 35,251

Garden News has maintained its position as the UK’s No.1 weekly gardening title. The product continues to focus on delivering great advice and inspiration for the most passionate gardeners in the UK.


CAR (m) 47,567 (print + digital)

CAR magazine has achieved a combined ABC increase of 9.0% YoY. CAR puts readers in the driver’s seat of the most exotic and exciting cars on the planet first; packed with insight and opinion CAR delivers the latest car news, brings fascinating technology to life and is first with new model launches. CAR has grown sales of both print and digital editions, and has jumped position within the market.


Country Walking (m) - 25,074

Country Walking has shown an ABC growth of 6.7% YoY.  A brand new look in 2016, and the launch of the hugely successful #walk1000miles consumer engagement campaign, has seen the title go from strength to strength as it engages with more readers, sharing their passion for walking and inspiring them to get out there and explore the beauty of the UK countryside.

Commenting on the results Rob Munro-Hall, Group Managing Director, Bauer Magazine Media UK said,

“Bauer Media has once again strengthened its position in the market as the UK’s No. 1 publisher by continuing to innovate and launch. We have seen our biggest titles extend their lead in competitive and challenging marketplaces. We have launched new magazines that have established themselves as products that both readers and advertisers want. We’ve also continued to build out our successful brands across multiple platforms extending their reach and relevance to their audiences.”


  • Empire dominates the film market increasing its pop circulation by 1.58%.
  • Yours has posted another market-beating performance with increases pop (0.96%) and yoy (0.10%).
  • heat and Closer record market-beating performances and grow share in the celebrity market.
  • Impressive increases for Garden News and Garden Answers, up 13.61% and 16.58% pop respectively.
  • Top Santé records 10.6% pop increase.


Bauer Media’s influential celebrity weekly titles have recorded market-beating performances in the highly completive celebrity weekly sector. Closer and heat are now reaching more people than ever before across their multiple-platforms. 

Closer (w) – 283,608 (print + digital)

Closer has become the highest selling title in the sector, regaining its number one position and outperforming the market both pop and yoy. The strength of the Closer brand lies in its breath of content as a modern women’s weekly. Closeronline recorded significant growth up 11% pop and 19% yoy, reaching an average of 1.24m global UUs each month.

heat (w) – 185,355 (print + digital)

heat has grown share in this period and now has 7 million consumer touchpoints across its multiple platforms. heat continues to build on its entertainment credentials both as a voice within the entertainment industry and as a key influencer and guide for its consumers. The popular culture brand offers commercial partners a unique opportunity to forge integrated partnerships across its multiple platforms. The ongoing partnership with Lifetime (part of the A&E network) is an example of how heat can work creatively to help drive tangible business results, growing viewing figures for key programmes by over 500%.


Grazia (w) 143,818 (print + digital)

Grazia continues to reach more AB readers than any other women’s weekly glossy. The brand’s success has always been built on an in-depth knowledge of its audience, publishing in its tenth year The Game Changers: The women who went from wanting it all to changing it all, an in-depth study into the evolution of ABC1 women aged 25-44. In March Natasha Pearlman joined the title as editor from ELLE UK.


Empire (m) – 144,653 (print + digital)

Empire has posted an increase of 1.58% on last period dominating the film market and outselling its nearest competitor by over two to one (against Total Film JD14 release). 2015 has seen the introduction of a new vision for the brand expanding its breath of content to cover every cinematic form from movies and TV to streaming and mobile. Connecting with 3 million fans across its multiple touchpoints, Empire continues to deliver compelling entertainment content and unique creative cover treatments with world-first reveals for films such as Spectre, Jurassic World and Terminator: Genysis. With anticipation around the new Star Wars movies this year is set to be huge, both for the industry and for Empire.


Yours (f) – 272,603 (print only)

Yours magazine has recorded another market-beating performance up 0.96% on last period and 0.10% yoy. Crucial to Yours’ success is a deep emotional connection with its 50+ readers demonstrated last month with the launch of its ‘Sowing the Seeds of Kindness’ campaign.


Garden News (w) – 40,084 (print only)

Garden Answers (m) – 22,607 (print only)

Bauer Media’s gardening titles are celebrating another outstanding set of results with Garden News posting a 13.61% on last period, up 8.19 % on last year and Garden Answers recording a 16.58% increase pop and 8.84% yoy. Garden News retains the prized number one spot in the highly competitive weekly gardening market.


Top Santé (m) 48,545 (print + digital)

Following the launch of a fresh, modern design and new content, Top Santé has recorded a significant period on period increase of 10.6%.  Celebrating living a naturally healthy life, the brand empowers women to make informed choices, with the best wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty advice. 



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