Our four Eclipse wordsearch magazines are innovative in both format and content. Published in a uniquely convenient format: smaller than a traditional puzzle magazine, they’re a perfect size to carry around but they’re bigger than the Mini mag size so they won’t challenge a wordsearchers eyesight.

Then there’s the content: Will and Aimee’s Wordsearch is a lively collection of wordsearches and other puzzles compiled especially with the attention span of 7-11 year old children in mind; 2-in-1 Wordsearch is a unique collection of ‘two-speed’ puzzle searches featuring double word lists; Hide ‘n’ Seek Wordsearch features puzzles where a secret phrase is revealed when all the hidden words are discovered and finally Best Value Wordsearch is simply what it says on the cover – at £1.50 for 100 pages it is the best value for money wordsearch magazine on the market.





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