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Hits Radio

Hits Radio

Hits Radio - the first national radio station to broadcast from outside London.

Aimed at a 25-44 audience, the Hits Radio Network offers listeners an entertaining and fun escape brought to you by original, authentic presenters who share the interests and values of their listeners, keeping them in-touch, connected and feeling young.

Featuring a soundtrack of the biggest hits of the day alongside treasured throwbacks from the last 20 years, the network is bursting with huge tunes and big personalities, with a strong sense of community at its core. We live in our listeners’ world and create a dialogue, not a monologue. We love to surprise, to entertain, and most importantly we love music.

Join our breakfast team of Fleur East and comedian James Barr to Wake the Fun Up across the week.

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Hits Radio





Castle Quay, Castlefield, Manchester, M15 4PR


0161 288 5000