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Digital Campaign Manager


Campaign Managers are the people that make things happen digitally, if a campaign performs and delivers well it is down to the Campaign Mangers, conversely if the campaign fails to work or things go wrong it is down to the Campaign Manager.  Their main goal is to ensure that the risk to revenue is eradicated or as low as possible. The responsibility is great, but so are the accolades.



Main responsibilities

  • Support the traffickers when line item volumes are particularly high
  • Work with sales to respond to briefs
  • Work with sales to build pro-active briefs
  • Working with sales people to amend op1 bookings when creative is late
  • Working with sales people to amend op1 bookings when we need to optimise for performance/delivery
  • Support the sales teams when booking to our sales order processing system
  • Support the sales teams with chasing creative
  • Manage the delivery of campaigns, including delivery reports
  • Optimise campaigns
  • Monitoring discrepancy with agency 3rd party ad server numbers
  • Where possible attend client’s meetings
  • Month end process
  • This list is not exhaustive and will be added to from time to time

Skills required

Great communication skills

Things go wrong and you’ll need to be able to articulate those issues and their solutions to the other members of the ops team, sales people, sales managers and clients.

 Team Work

You will rely on your team members and they will rely upon you, you must do your utmost to support other members of the team when they are in need.  Your primary teams are the implementation team, campaign management team and sales team.


Priorities can change on a regular basis, you must be able to change what you are doing at a moment’s notice


You’ll be working with sales teams where digital is not the primary focus, you’ll need to help them along with things that may seem straight forward and simple to you.


You’ll be confronted with issues and will need to find solutions. The sales teams will also want to draw on your experience for help with briefs

Attention to Detail

You’ll be managing hundreds of campaigns per month and you will be responsible for them all delivering

Team Values

Securing revenue & identifying risk

  • Ensuring campaigns are delivered to contract
  • Identifying and flagging when a campaign may not deliver in full & is therefore a risk to revenue
  • Ensuring campaigns deliver to the highest performance possible through optimisations
  • Ensuring creative is chased so that campaigns start on time
  • Flags to the business when any of the above could be a factor in lost revenue
  • Aiding the sales teams in new pitches and bookings to bring in new revenue
  • Working with sales to ensure that new bookings are booked on correctly

 Inquisitive & proactive

  • Being able to identify problems & taking steps to search for the solution
  • Looking out for early campaign issues and ensuring that all steps are taken to not only solve them, but ensure they don’t happen again
  • Flagging site & system bugs and partaking in initial troubleshooting to solve them
  • Proactively looking for new booking ideas, pulling on previous experience
  • Shows enthusiasm - demonstrate a passion for the team and role


Communication is key to what we do, without this, everything breaks down!

  • Ensures that the sales teams are updated on the status of their campaigns
  • Ensuring that all forms of communication have been tried
  • If there is a bug, ensuring that the relevant people know about it
  • Team meetings are attended where learnings can be communicated and shared
  • Ensures highest standard of professionalism of all time
  • Keeps calm under pressure

 Planning and Research

  • Organises own diary effectively
  • Knows where to find relevant information, retrieves and absorbs this quickly
  • Evaluates alternative methods and proposes solutions
  • Uses data from many systems to conduct research
  • Makes recommendation back to our customers (external and internal) and the business

 Teamwork and Flexibility

  • Is open minded and positive about change
  • Is willing to respond to last minute requests & can see the commercial benefit of doing so
  • Supports other team members when workload is high or with new learnings
  • Proactivity builds internal and external team loyalty and trust
  • Proactivity be a part of the sales teams
  • Always be approachable and supportive
  • Treats people how we would like to be treated - high levels of self-awareness, being positive and professional in all communication
  • Committed to team goals - can see the bigger picture
  • Goes the extra mile to do the best job


How to apply

To apply please contact Laura on

Closing Date for applications is Friday 22 February 2019