Case studies

American Tourister & Kiss Case Study

To amplify American Tourister’s key ‘When Life Calls, Be Ready’ messaging, KISS used fun, engaging content to deliver an impactful, cross-platform solution.

The challenge

American Tourister, a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite, offers an expansive selection of fun and colourful suitcases at affordable prices. The campaign’s objectives were to increase awareness of American Tourister suitcases among a young, upmarket and tech-savvy audience and to build the association of it being the ‘must-have’ summer accessory for travelling. American Tourister wanted to achieve national coverage, utilising multiple media touch points with upweights in key conurbations.

Our Approach

KISS FM UK is England’s largest multimedia brand for 15-34 year olds. Its reach of 4.6 million listeners each week nationally, plus an upweight in London, provided the perfect platform for reaching American Tourister’s millennial audience. Social media is essential for the KISS audience and KISS encourages its followers to get involved in its conversations and to share their stories. With this in mind, our strategy for American Tourister was to deliver an impactful, cross-platform media solution with a strong social media element. Using relevant and engaging content to capture the spirit of American Tourister, and talking to the KISS audience with authority and enthusiasm, wit and style, was crucial to this campaign.

The Idea

Promoting American Tourister’s umbrella messaging, ‘When Life Calls, Be Ready’, across all communication, we created a 10-week integrated campaign that ran across the summer. Broken down into a three-phase KISS FM UK radio promotion, it also featured an online/social competition and strong digital support. KISS breakfast presenters Rickie and Melvin were at the heart of the campaign, creating a prank video that saw them stitching up fellow KISS presenter Alex. During interactions with the public, Alex was seen wheeling around an American Tourister suitcase – but Rickie and Melvin were controlling his microphone! This was pushed on air and via KISS social media channels, with the aim of grabbing the audience’s attention and driving them online to interact further and share the content.


The campaign launched with a promotion in Neeve’s mid-morning show and invited listeners to #BeReady with American Tourister and win one of five summer holidays. This activity was promoted across all day parts with live DJ reads and pre-recorded promotional trails encouraging people to go online and register. It also featured heavily across KISS social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). On, American Tourister had its own creative hub, giving information and images of its products, details on the various destinations listeners could win holidays to, alongside Rickie and Melvin’s stunt video. One lucky winner was chosen at random each day and had to answer their phone saying, "KISS, I’m ready!’, further promoting American Tourister’s key messaging.

To retain momentum, the promotional week was followed by a week of advertising that acted as a brand message reminder for listeners. Recorded in the KISS style for consistency, the advert had the music from the TV commercial alongside the key message of ‘When Life Calls, Be Ready’.

The final phase of the campaign consisted of nine days of spotlight promos across KISS FM UK, with 40-second pre-recorded trails encouraging people to go online to watch Rickie and Melvin’s prank video and then answer a question to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Ibiza.



competition entires and over 20,000 views of the prank video through KISS FM social media platforms


of respondents recalled hearing at least one element of the campaign activity


brand awareness raised by the campaign

1 in 3

respondents looked for more information about the product online, while one in 20 made a purchase

"This was the first time American Tourister ran a branded content campaign on radio, and it was a real success. We saw a 21% uplift in brand awareness which was the overall goal of the campaign. The synergy between Kiss and American Tourister worked really well, and product purchase intent rose by 18% off the back of this campaign"

El LongAssociate Director (Radio), Carat