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Bacardi Mixed Cocktails & The Debrief

We believe in native integration for this audience so in line with Bacardi’s objectives, the Debrief team created and executed bespoke, shareable editorial content which was supported with an integrated social campaign.

The challenge

Bacardi were looking to support the launch of their new app - Mixed Cocktails, which is a useful tool designed to encourage cocktail making with a collection of cocktail recipes, hints and tips. Their key objectives were to generate awareness and drive downloads of their mixed cocktails app. They wanted to promote key Bacardi bars & venues and promote the app to our 20 something ABC1 female audience.

Our Approach

Following 12 months of gathering deep insight into the life and habits of the millennial girl we understood exactly how she likes to spend her leisure time: when and where she likes to go out and what she likes to do when she stays in. Using this insight we created carefully crafted branded content which gave Bacardi the opportunity to engage with our valuable audience in an entertaining and useful way. We delivered relevant content – tailored to her – at the right time through the right channels.

The Idea

Knowing that the Debrief girl is adventurous and wants to try new things but also needs some guidance and inspiration we produced 3 bespoke regular editorial franchises. 

We created themed content which focused on specific events- Winter Olympics, Valentines, Game of Thrones- and gave advice on how to throw their perfect themed house party all brought to you by mixed cocktails!

We also sent our journalists to Mixed Cocktails exclusive bars across the UK to try the cocktails themselves. Content was shared across all our social touch points including live Instagram feeds. This further aligned Bacardi with our audience, enabling them to talk to a hard to reach demographic in a way which is relevant to them.


Native Integration:

  • 24 Editorial Stories over a 3 month campaign.
  • 3 stories per week within the “Things to Do” channel.
  • Each story included a link to download the app.

Social Activation:

  • Each editorial supported with a Facebook and Twitter post.


Over 75,000

Total views across the campaign


dwell time

The Debrief is now generating 13% of referrals to Mixed Cocktails - with four of our current pieces already in the top ten of all partner content.

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