Case studies

Boots & Bauer Media

A ground breaking partnership between Bauer Media and Boots UK, with the aim to inspire, advise and support their young, female audience with unique, relevant beauty content.

The challenge

Boots’ key objectives were to boost their credentials and awareness, and change any perceptions of Boots being irrelevant or too expensive amongst their key audience of women 16-34 . Boots wanted be seen as the natural destination for all beauty needs, and the place to go to for inspiration and expertise.


Our Approach

Using our multi platform brands, our editorial endorsement, and talent, we aimed to create a unified campaign that would deliver rich content experiences appealing to the young, female, beauty-focused audience. We also wanted Boots to use native advertising for the first time, to allow them to get even closer to the audience in a real, honest and fun way.


The Idea

Our idea was to create a partnership between Bauer’s editorial and Boots’s expertise that would deliver advice, inspirational and expert content from the people who understood them best. Across a 6 month period, the multi platform Bauer content aimed to inspire and surprise the audience with the range and affordability of Boots beauty products, whilst creating a call to action geared at browsing and treating at payday. In addition, to cement the partnership, Boots had ownership of The Debrief hair and beauty channel for the duration of the campaign, and we created a beauty product franchise across Grazia and heat specifically for them. The franchise offered our beauty experts’ endorsement from across the business to be harnessed to back into their beauty range – the first time this has ever been done.



Print involved a series of monthly ‘pay day’ partnerships across Grazia and heat where, with Boots, we bought the audience our ‘pay day picks’

Radio was focused around key payday timing and was split between co-branded spotlights and airtime. The spotlight copy highlighted seasonal trends and beauty finds, whilst driving listeners online to view expert advice from our talent on the digital hub.

TV using a panel of Bauer talent and Boots experts, we brought to life the in-store experiences and advice on offer with Boots via informative ‘vloggers’ style spots.

HPTOs and ROS ran in bursts to serve a dual purpose of driving product purchase directly via and showcasing video content as a driver through to the central hub.


63% vs 30%

industry standard of returning visitors Boots hub performance

2 min 12 sec

Dwell time - higher than 1 minute industry standard

8 out of 10

respondents took some form of positive action

3 in 5

respondents remembering seeing the campagin

"Boots has the opportunity to inspire women to feel pretty damn good by being famous for the best in beauty all year round – how could you help us do this in 2015?"