Case studies

Cadbury Flake Allure & Bauer Media

An integrated campaign across an array of Bauer Media brands on radio, magazine and digital platforms.

The challenge

The limited edition Cadbury Flake Allure was in store from the 6th June for a 3 month period. They were targeting women 30-50 and wanted a campaign that would allow Cadbury Flake Allure to have a deeper engagement with their audience.

Our Approach

Insight showed us that our consumers were more likely to take notice of and interact with content that reflects their passions. For this reason, we wanted to produce an interactive and engaging campaign, with interesting, relevant, branded content at its heart. Through this, we would position Cadbury Flake Allure as the ultimate ‘indulgence.’

The Idea

The umbrella idea of ‘Most Indulgent’ positioned Cadbury Flake Allure to Magic, KISS FM UK, Grazia and heat’s audiences across radio, press and digital platforms.


The magazine activity content was topical, relevant and of course indulgent, and where possible used Cadbury colours. The look and feel of the features mirrored that of each magazine, making sure they spoke to the readers in a voice they trusted and with which they were familiar. Each week through a one page feature heat picked five indulgent ‘heat loves’ of the week, from fashion items to hotels with the fifth indulgence being Flake Allure. Within Grazia, we featured advertorials on selected indulgent ‘Decadent Delights’ of the week, using gorgeous visuals to showcase our alluring finds and with supporting copy communicating to our readers exactly why these are on our radar.

Our radio activity celebrated the most amazing stories of indulgence and luxury in the worlds of music, fashion, entertainment in the form of spotlight features, brought to our audience by the most indulgent chocolate bar. Focusing on female shows, we also ran highly interactive, engaging promotions that asked questions about different indulgent themes in order to win luxurious prizes. The overall tone was one that celebrated cool and interesting excesses and indulgences.   

The radio and magazine content linked together with Magic and heat radio using content from heat and Grazia magazines on air. The indulgence messaging was continued through the prize element with MalMaison breaks, spending money and Flake Allures. An online microsite was used to compliment the magazine advertorial content in heat and Grazia and also feed into radio promotional executions.



are more likely to consider Flake Allure

59% vs 44%

There was considerably greater awareness of Flake Allure amongst listeners & readers than non-listeners & readers.