Case studies

Crystal Ski & Absolute Radio

A multi layered campaign with an Outside Broadcast at its centre to provide maximum impact.

The challenge

Crystal Ski wanted to promote their skiing holidays to Switzerland and create stand out in a cluttered marketplace. They needed their ABC1 target market to think of Switzerland first when choosing their skiing holiday destination, and to make people remember the fun both on and off the slopes that a skiing holiday in Switzerland can bring.

Our Approach

We created a multi layered campaign that was both on and off air to create maximum impact for Crystal Ski. Absolute Radio’s breakfast presenter Richie Firth loves skiing which matched brilliantly with Christian O’Connell who was a complete novice. We thought this could work really well in communicating some of Crystal Ski’s objectives.

The Idea

The central idea of the campaign was therefore focused around an Outside Broadcast of Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show from Saas-Fee resort in Switzerland. In addition, we ran Ski reports twice a day with Crystal Ski branding. In order to encourage listener interaction a breakfast show promotion gave listeners the chance join the Breakfast team out in Switzerland for the Outside Broadcast.


The campaign ran for 4 weeks and educated and inspired listeners to consider Switzerland as an original holiday destination.  The Breakfast Show promotional mechanic of recruiting 10 winners provide a unique and desirable listener experience of being with the breakfast show in Switzerland. The Ski report bulletins ran in other dayparts across Absolute Radio, giving a further opportunity to communicate with a wider audience. The Outside broadcast allowed the breakfast team to visit various hotspots and speak to the locals, to give a humorous and informed description for the listeners back home, and within the OB there were further Ski holiday giveaways to continue to engage listeners at home.

In addition, we created a central branded Crystal Ski hub on housing the Breakfast Show ski recruitment, a separate online competition and providing further editorial endorsement.



Views generated by Youtube video produced by the Breakfast Team


Online activity resulted in a high very 3.3% CTR

We are very proud and pleased that Switzerland is the host of Absolute Radio's first Alpine broadcast. It gave us a unique chance to showcase the Swiss winter in all its glory and introduce the listeners to one of Switzerland's most spectacular Swiss ski resorts that is Saas-Fee.

Marcelline KuonenDirector of Switzerland Tourism