Case studies

Direct Line & KISS

Creating fun, lively and informative on air and digital content helped to engage consumers and drive traffic towards Direct Line’s DrivePlus Plug-in App

The challenge

Direct Line was keen to draw attention to its new youth-targeted DrivePlus Plug-in App. The first of its kind in the market, the app provides results that can lower car insurance costs.


Our Approach

KISS listeners love the freedom of cruising in their car and listening to the radio – but they also love a discount! We felt that Direct Line’s DrivePlus Plug-In app was a perfect fit for our audience, but explaining it concisely and effectively wasn’t going to be easy. We needed to create groundbreaking on air and digital content to really engage consumers and demonstrate the DrivePlus Plug-in App in a fun, lively and informative way. So we decided the best way to do this was to get our presenters on board to trial the app and show our listeners just how easy it is to use.


The Idea

An integrated partnership covering multiple KISS platforms and touchpoints across the campaign enabled us to talk about the DrivePlus Plug-In App in a variety of ways. We left our audience in no doubt that this app was something they needed in their lives. Direct Line’s DrivePlus Plug-in App became the KISS Breakfast sponsor. But this was more than a standard sponsorship. We created a real partnership with huge, unconventional standout ideas – we pitted two presenters against each other in a driving challenge, gave away a brand new car and created a bespoke gaming app. And we did all of that in just three months.



There were three phases to the sponsorship campaign:

• Phase 1 A video of breakfast show presenters Rickie and Melvin being set a driving challenge, with the DrivePlus Plug-in App monitoring their progress. Housed on a bespoke creative hub online, we used social media to drive listeners to check out the video in order to win prizes.

• Phase 2 This huge promotion saw listeners collecting the number plate digits played out across a week to win a brand new car! Again we used social media to point out clues to help them.

• Phase 3 The creation of a new co-branded KISS Car Jam game available on the App Store. Developed using our presenter talent, it featured alongside Direct Line imagery and mirrored the concept of the drive-monitoring app.

But we didn’t stop there. The partnership also included Direct Line having ownership of the KISS Breakfast online page, KISS Breakfast Takeaway Videos and timed app sponsorships. Supported by tactical creative airtime, we ensured that we were well and truly delivering Direct Line’s key messaging.




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