Case studies

FSCS & Absolute Radio

Combining a unique and integrated approach with engaging, frequent and consistent dialogue helped to increase awareness of the FSCS to its target market.


The challenge

The FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) wanted to raise awareness of the protection it offers, particularly to consumers who are at a time of life when they may have more savings than usual. FSCS provides a great service, but has no real consumer knowledge. Our objective was to build awareness of this service.


Our Approach

We wanted to form a partnership beyond short-term communication that would really drive consumer behavioural change. We used an emotional connection to drive action and an association with lifestyle content to communicate FSCS’ objectives.


The Idea

Through Absolute Radio, the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Metro, we would deliver themed content via a weekend strategy (Friday-Monday) to build awareness of a series of lifestyle-motivating factors. Topics that were identified as important to the target audience included retirement, weddings, a university education, property and holidays. Each theme was cross-promoted across each platform to ensure maximum coverage.



On Absolute Radio, we created a new Sunday evening show called ‘The Reluctant Adult Show’, sponsored by FSCS, that presented a ‘not entirely serious look at the important things in life’. Within each show, our presenters and comedians discussed the themes, telling funny stories and anecdotes of their experiences. Drawing on emotions as they talked about hopes, dreams and expectations provided real engagement with our audience, while the content was a great environment for FSCS’ messaging. Following each show we ran a two-week on-air campaign consisting of co-branded 60-second features of the show’s highlights and encouraged listeners to go online and download the show’s podcast. Advertorials in the Daily Mail each Friday launched the week’s themes, as well as inspiring and encouraging readers to engage with the weekend activity. The newspaper then followed up with presence online on the Saturday and a supplement in the Mail on Sunday to further highlight the theme and build awareness of the Absolute Radio show with FSCS. Each Monday after the show, the Metro continued the conversation around the topic through editorial/branded content within its Life section.




Felt FSCS would compensate them if their bank collapsed


of listeners have heard of FSCS


of those who know of FSCS had heard about the activity


agreed FSCS would protect their money, post-campaign

The radio and press partnerships complimented each other and the teams worked well with one another

Nick LeonardIdeation Director, UM