Case studies

Green Flag & Absolute Radio

A combination of sponsorship and interactive promotions helped build awareness of Green Flag’s key message.


The challenge

Green Flag’s objective was to become the No2 breakdown service in the UK. It wanted to promote the messaging ‘Keeps you moving no matter what, they get to all customers within 60 minutes’. It also wanted to drive home the message that Green Flag has 40 years’ experience and has staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, the company wanted to promote its ‘Pit Stops’ initiative, offering public tutorials on changing oil and water and general advice on vehicle maintenance.


Our Approach

We wanted to utilise a high-frequency solution that would create maximum awareness among Green Flag’s audience as well as allowing its messaging to stand out. With its high-frequency Traffic and Travel features and its no repeat guarantee, Absolute Radio was the perfect environment to promote Green Flag’s key messaging.


The Idea

Sponsorship by Green Flag of Absolute Radio’s Traffic and Travel and its no repeat guarantee station messaging. These high-frequency features were the ideal backbone to this partnership, with Green Flag allowing its messaging to receive cut-through. It was supported with promotional trails, promotions in breakfast and a ‘Free Fuel Friday’ competition each week.



The high-frequency Traffic and Travel features ran in the breakfast and drivetime shows Monday-Friday, as well as in breakfast and mid-morning at the weekends. The creative centred on the message, ‘Keeps you moving, no matter what’, and we also ran sponsorship trails to promote Green Flag’s ‘Pit Stops’ tutorials. Fully integrated Green Flag station promotions utilised every touchpoint of the station, generating strong listener engagement and really immersing Green Flag into the station editorial. To tie in with Green Flag’s ‘Keeps you moving, no matter what’ messaging, two callers were bought to air and given a subject to talk about. They then had to keep the game moving, no matter what, without pausing, hesitating or repeating themselves. The caller who kept the game moving longest won. All on-air activity directed listeners to a bespoke Green Flag microsite that was built inhouse and hosted on Green Flag also had a brand takeover on the Traffic and Travel page.



3.8 Million

Listeners reached with the campaign


Number of times listeners heard the message


Competition entires

All on air activity directed listeners to a bespoke green flag microsite that was built in-house and hosted on