Case studies

H&M Divided and The Debrief

Bauer’s in-depth research into the influential 20-something female audience shaped the launch of its unique digital brand, The Debrief.  Our unique proposition resonated with H&M who immediately saw it as an innovative way to interact with their target audience.

The challenge

Everyone knows H&M but their real challenge was to talk authentically to 20 something girls to drive awareness of their younger diffusion line - Divided. H&M wanted to reach these style influencers to drive credibility of the range as well as driving the value credentials of this line. H&M’s online store does not stock all pieces from Divided so it was important for Divided to have presence in the digital space to drive awareness of the individual pieces as well as the entire line.

Our Approach

After gathering deep insight into the trends and habits of the millennial girl we understood her approach to fashion: how and where she shops and what inspires her style.  Using this insight we created carefully crafted branded content which gave H&M the opportunity to engage with our valuable audience in a unique and entertaining tone.  We delivered relevant and useful content, tailored to her, at the right time through the right channels.

The Idea

The Debrief manifesto is to entertain, inform and challenge the way a 20 something girl sees the world. We developed the ‘Need to Know’ (NTK) editorial franchise and applied it to fashion by presenting your need to know unexpected style icons every week over 12 weeks.

From film to fashion to music, The Debrief profiled selected icons who we believe have influenced styles and trends that are surfacing today. We showcased why they are cool, who else is channelling the look on the catwalk, how to work the look in real life and included a Debrief Edit of key pieces to buy, featuring Divided pieces.


Native Integration: 12 Editorial Stories across a 3 month campaign: 1 story per week woven seamlessly within the content of the Getting Ready Channel.

Social Activation: Each story supported with Facebook and Twitter posts. Over 50 posts in total.

Display: Co-branded MPUs and Leaders produced to drive to H&M’s editorial features.100% share of voice on the Getting Ready Channel.

Newsletter: 4 e-newsletter inclusions linking through to the editorial features.


Over 24,000

views for the NTK franchise features against a target of 12,000


Tablet based display performance

We’re really excited to be working with The Debrief, targeting our 20 something audience with relevant and engaging content. H&M always aims to interact with our consumers in innovative and unique ways and this partnership perfectly enables us to continue that.

Ulrika MillerMarketing Manager of H&M