Case studies

Heinz tomato ketchup & Bauer media

 A celebrity chef and integrated branded content across Closer, Magic and Bauer City Network helped this campaign cook up a storm.

The challenge

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (HTK) needed to drive frequency of use among existing consumers by communicating itself as an alternative cooking ingredient. A key part of the brief was to introduce HTK as the helping hand to make easy, great-tasting family favourite recipes.


Our Approach

HTK wanted to do something fresh and different that involved encouraging people to reappraise the way in which they currently consumed the brand. We also wanted a brand ambassador, someone who our consumers related to and who could provide a focal point to the campaign.


The Idea

Closer’s access to columnist and celebrity cook Nadia Sawalha enabled us to use her to front the campaign and provide perceived endorsement of HTK. With Nadia central to the campaign, Heinz Tomato Ketchup branded content was created across key Bauer brands – Closer, Magic and the Bauer City Network – while social media platforms created interest and engagement online.



In Closer, Nadia featured in a series of double-page spreads and column advertorials, showcasing a number of recipes with ‘the secret ingredient she uses in every dish’. This was a great way of giving readers ideas of how to incorporate tomato ketchup into everyday family cooking, with Nadia giving her endorsement to the recipes.

On radio, copy voiced by Nadia was broadcast across the Bauer City Network and Magic to create interest and excitement about the Heinz ‘Secret Ingredient’ campaign, driving listeners to the Heinz website to win a culinary holiday and to find out about more recipes. In addition, presenters informed listeners that street teams from the stations would be in their local areas, giving them a chance to win cash and a Heinz ‘Secret Ingredient’ hamper.




of Bauer consumers were exposed to the campaign


brand favourabilitytoward Heinz for website cosumers exposed to the campaign

much higher brand perceptions of HTK

among those who recalled the campaign, especially those that were exposed to the campaign on more than one media platform

95% vs 87%

Future purchase intent was significantly higher than those unexposed to the campaign (95% vs 87%)