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Levi's & The Debrief

To complement its ‘Live in Levi’s®’ campaign, The Debrief successfully integrated native stories to offer engaging, entertaining content


The challenge

To prompt a mass female audience to reappraise Levi’s women’s range while also staying within the lens of the ‘Live in Levi’s®’ campaign. Specifically, our product focus was to remain on iconic Levi’s pieces but show the brand’s newness and innovation and really speak about how we are driving trends such as boyfriend jeans, cut-off shorts and customising denim.


Our Approach

Our editorial team worked closely with the client in order to create native content that would resonate with our 20-something female audience, who are looking for their next fashion fix. Editorial even interviewed a Levi’s tailor to find out some unique denim hacks and tricks. We’d worked with Levi’s once before, so we built on its love of The Debrief brand to extend and amplify its ‘Live in Levi’s®’ campaign.


The Idea

Across a month-long period we worked collaboratively with Levi’s to produce three integrated native stories within The Debrief. It was supported across social media, with Twitter and Facebook enabling users to further interact with the brand.



The native articles suited the brand’s Key Performance Indicators while offering our audience engaging content in the same fashion as The Debrief editorial we know they love. Examples included ‘How to wear boyfriend jeans in winter’, ‘Unexpected ways to wear denim’ and ‘Tricks and tips such as spraying vodka on jeans to keep them fresh’! The content’s aim was to encourage both existing Levi’s fans and new consumers to get involved. We built a desire for the classic Levi’s brand by putting our own twist on fashion editorial, including GIFs of the product and selecting pieces straight from the store via bespoke fashion appointments. For the first time on The Debrief, we fully integrated the Levi’s logo into The Debrief’s, placing the iconic Levi’s logo and strapline ‘Live in Levi’s®’ within the ‘E’ of The Debrief logo. This ran through the site, therefore ensuring absolute integration between editorial and branding.



2 minutes

average dwell time

26 seconds

on each native article

122 click-throughs

recieved from social media mentions


views for the native articles at the end of the campaign

In its ever-creative way, The Debrief put together three very different stories, all linking to an element of the brand

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