Case studies

Lloyds TSB & Bauer city network

To highlight the bank’s Olympic association, we used local, relevant content to deliver a large-scale promotional and sponsorship campaign


The challenge

To promote and amplify the association rights that Lloyds TSB (LTSB) had with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, paying particular attention to its sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay.


Our Approach

Bauer City Network is all about championing local communities and delivering relevant local programming to its listeners. We felt it was the perfect environment to provide content that could focus on the route of the Torch Relay within each local area and help illustrate LTSB as the brand that brings the Games closer to its audience and really engages with communities.


The Idea

At the centre of the partnership was sponsorship of Magic 105.4’s More Music Drivetime show – a perfect platform to communicate LTSB’s key messages with a high frequency. The sponsorship was then supported by promotional spikes to drive engagement with the messages behind five key stages – Recruitment, Torch Relay, National School Sports Week, Local Heroes and, finally, promotion of the Games (both the Olympics and Paralympics). The radio activity was coupled with a similarly weighted online campaign using our stations’ websites, which acted as a central portal to activate different campaign elements. We also integrated a significant and complementary Facebook push, with LTSB looking to us to help them to create the world’s largest tagged photo.



Phase 1:

Recruitment The on-air campaign began with the aim of recruiting a family in each of our local markets to effectively become the face of each station’s Olympics & Paralympics output. They reported on the Games and provided content on them from a local perspective.

Phase 2:

Torch Relay Prior to the Torch Relay coming to each station’s area, we ran spotlight features of the reporting family alongside vox pops from local people to build excitement and anticipation of the Relay. Presenters talked up specific times and dates of where the audience could see the flame in their town.

Phase 3:

National School Sports Week A Drivetime promotion featured audio recorded at a local school sports day or PE class. We then ran a question-based competition formulated around the audio for listeners to win prizes.

Phase 4:

Local Heroes Using a spotlight features campaign, local athletes and sportspeople talked about how they were looking forward to the Games and giving their Olympic experiences. This was supported by a competition to win sports equipment for their local school.

Phase 5:

The Games Using the reporting family from stage one, daily updates were recorded with news on a national and local level




felt that the sponsorship activity was appropriated for the station


of listeners thought that the radio activity made them think Lloyds might be suitable if they were looking for financial products


of listeners felt that the radio activity brought Lloyds to their attention


of listeners felt that the radio activity made them think that Lloyds' association with the 2012 Olympics was a positive one