Case studies

Lucozade And Kiss

The partnership with Lucozade Energy and ‘Live@KISS’ is the perfect blend of the right brand with the right show allowing us to speak to their audience in a unique and truly engaging way.

The challenge

Our objectives were to promote the Lucozade Energy ‘Yes Project’, an on pack initiative which gave consumers the chance to clinch their very own ‘YES Moment’ prizes through entering their bottles’ unique codes online. We wanted to establish a partnership between Lucozade Energy, their ‘YES’ Project and KISS that was new, different and content heavy.

Our Approach

With such a broad, open brief we wanted to find a platform on KISS which could be amplified and complemented by Lucozade Energy and which would enable us to bring their ‘Yes Project’ to life. We also wanted to create a multi platform partnership that could cross promote their on-pack promotion and integrate it fully into the content

The Idea

KISS’ biggest show, ‘Live@KISS’ (Monday-Friday from 3pm) is interactive, visual, exists on multiple platforms and is all about giving the audience the biggest stuff happening in their world, in whichever form they choose to consume it. We decided to create a 360˚ partnership encompassing sponsorship of the Live@KISS show, amplified by tactical promotional and editorial activations across multiple platforms. This would be different to the traditional sponsorship and promotional activity and would bring content to our audience on the platforms they immerse themselves in.


KISS delivered over an 8 month period a unique partnership, built around sponsorship credits but amplified further with live presenter reads everyday within the show, compounding the association and endorsement further than traditional sponsorship models.  We also used our presenters to deliver editorial campaigns that made our audiences shout ‘Yes’ – reflecting on-pack prize incentives on-air. We drove social content through winning facilitated across KISS FM’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as well as short-form video content from festivals, celebrity interviews and content streamed live from the branded studio

The partnership leveraged Lucozade Energy’s strapline ‘Fuelling the Good Times’ to drive engagement with the on-going on pack promotion; the ‘Yes Project’. The campaign gave consumers ‘trips, tickets, tunes and tech’, offering perfect brand synergy between KISS FM and Lucozade Energy to engage and excite core youth audiences.


over 5.3 million

15 – 34 year olds were reached

143 million

impacts with an OTH of 27

over 12,800

competition entries