Case studies

McCain & Magic

A campaign focused around user generated and native content across multiple platforms that built McCain’s association with tea time, and delivered phenomenal results.

The challenge

At the start of 2016, McCain wanted to help mums celebrate getting ‘back to normal’ after the busy Christmas period, and aimed to be front of mind in their weekly shopping lists. They also wanted to make their association with teatime stronger, and get more mums to celebrate tea time moments. Our challenge was to make frozen food at teatime compelling to our audience and a viable meal choice, whilst also trying to naturally fit it into our audience’s everyday lives and social feeds.


Our Approach

Targeting a female, family-orientated audience through Magic Radio and selected Bauer City Network stations (BCN), we researched how our audience digest content and what would effectively engage this audience, in terms of recipes and content. Through this, we aimed to create engaging and varied content across radio, digital and social media, that reinforced McCain’s messaging, whilst also making the audience the heroes of the campaign. Our partnership aimed to deliver a native- and audience-first campaign approach.

The Idea

Teatime is the little window where families can catch up on each other’s days. The idea was to celebrate these real life, family moments through user generated content and show how McCain can be part of these moments. Central to the campaign was our Tea Time Anthem competition to win a share of £10,000, where our audience was encouraged to share their own tea time stories, images and videos, through Instagram and Twitter. Using the #teatimeanthem hashtag and a dedicated microsite, we pulled through all entries into a social wall, so our audiences could see and share other tea times stories.


An impactful, high frequency sponsorship in Angie Greaves’ afternoon drive time show on Magic Radio, and during school run times on the BCN, allowed McCain to be firmly front of mind around families’ teatimes. The ‘Merry back to Normal’ messaging was showcased through further trails of the listeners’ stories, which were strategically placed next to sponsorship credits. Each week, we would share listeners’ teatime stories and show how we were building the ultimate tea time anthem at the end of the campaign.

Native articles ran across Magic and BCN sites, and social media, including: ‘8 Things we can’t face after Christmas,’ and ‘How to make tea time more fun.’ Each piece was amplified across Bauer’s portfolio to reach the target audience at the right time. We created tea time animation-drive videos to educate consumers into making their tea times more enjoyable with fun and relevant suggestions.



3-5 mins

massive rise in dwell time

5-7% CTR

Video content surpassed our expectations, with a massive CTR rate of between 5-7% (540% higher than the average CTR on native)

1.5m +


"An impactful, high frequency sponsorship in angie greaves’ afternoon drive time show on magic radio, and during school run times on the bcn, allowed mccain to be firmly front of mind around families’ teatimes."