Case studies

McVities & Bauer Media

A cross media partnership linking above the line and experiential together to promote the McVitie’s Dunk Time on pack promotion.

The challenge

The aim of the campaign was to promote McVities’s ‘Dunk Time’ on pack promotion. Consumers were asked, ‘to brighten up your brew’ during a mid morning cup of tea by eating a McVities’s biscuit.

Our Approach

Insight indicated that whilst tea drinking is on the increase, with 165 million cups consumed daily in the UK, traditional biscuit consumption is in decline. There was a need to re-establish the tea and biscuit tradition by creating a ‘moment’ in the day. Insight also told us that people experience a ‘low’ in the morning and afternoon and require a ‘treat’ to pick them up. To tackle this we focused activity around the mid morning daypart, and the brands selected for this campaign- Bauer City Network, Magic, Closer & Take a Break- indexed higher than the national average for the consumption of  tea and biscuits.

The Idea

In order to establish ‘Dunk Time’ in the vocabulary of our consumers, i.e. to create an appointment to stop what you are doing and have tea and a biscuit, we created  ‘Dunk Time’ at 11am across our Bauer City Network and Magic. This was supported with promotional activity across radio, magazines and digital.


In addition to the mid morning sponsorship, promotions were added to drive further engagement and ‘super credits’ (sponsorship trail with a commercial call to action) were added to drive a deeper engagement and encourage purchase. The audience were given the opportunity to go straight to  the McVitie’s website to get a ‘Dunk Time‘ mug – this supported the brand’s point of sale in shops and promoted the ‘pop up’ cafes.

Magazines and digital activity complemented radio throughout. We created a ‘Dunk Time’ Facebook Widget serving up daily ‘gossipy moments’ to be enjoyed while consuming a tea and biscuit. For Closer magazine, we recruited Sue Perkins from ‘The Great British Bake Off’ to write a series of articles to be consumed at ‘Dunk Time’ with chat, fun, what’s on TV and gossip, as well as promoting the ‘Dunk Time’ competitions working seamlessly with radio. Take A Break provided similar content to Closer but written by editorial rather than a celebrity.

We ran experiential activity with pop-up ‘Dunk Time’ cafes across cities in the UK. The relevant stations ran live reads promoting the pop-up cafes and our Street Teams were in full support.



Awareness of ‘Dunk Time’


Propensity to purchase

The cross media partnership that MEC Access has set up for us will give us great visibility across radio, print and online media, and Bauer has a number of brands that are perfect to tap into McVitie’s’ key audience. This partnership ties in really well with the experiential and above the line campaigns.

Sarah HeynenMarketing Director for Sweet Biscuits