Case studies

More Th>n & Bauer City Network

Leveraging the trust and loyalty of key stations in our Bauer City Network, we created More Th>n Mondays with fantastic results.

The challenge

We were challenged by More Th>n to cut through the insurance clutter to raise awareness of their brand and improve consideration by behaving like a long term friend, not a short term acquaintance, through building trust & loyalty.

Our Approach

More Th>n research told us that Sundays and Mondays were key days for insurance browsing and purchasing. People discuss renewing their policies with their partners over the weekend and then call/go online to book on the Monday. We therefore focused our media plan around Mondays.

With pet insurance being an important category to More Th>n, we decided to utilise and expand our already popular feature on Magic 105.4 - ‘Pet of the Week.’

The Idea

We created ‘More Th>n Mondays’ across key stations in our Bauer City Network – Magic 105.4, Clyde 1, Forth One and Wave 105.  The idea was about giving more back to our listeners on a Monday – so our prizes focused around More Th>n’s three insurance categories – home, motor and pet.

In addition, More Th>n sponsored Magic’s existing ‘Pet of the Week’ feature. We extended it across the above stations and an additional More Th>n winning element.


Via a combination of co-branded trails, sponsor credits, competition rounds and live reads we fully integrated More Th>n into our listeners Mondays, building awareness of the different types of insurance they provide. The activity built interest and excitement among our listeners by providing engaging and relevant prizes to win.

We also ran station branded More Th>n testimonials, including stories listeners could relate to and empathise with, as well as reinforcing More Th>n’s outstanding customer service. We used regional accents to further localise engagement and make the content relevant.

The ‘Pet of the Week’ feature turned into a live editorial feature hosted by the Breakfast show presenters every Monday morning. It was promoted through Facebook and Twitter, providing engaging content for listeners to interact with.


significant increase from 18% to 32%

in promoted awareness

increase from 54%- 76%

in sponsorship recognition

significant improvement from 49% to 67%

in consideration