Case studies

MTV Ex On The Beach & Kiss

A fun, interactive promotion that fully demonstrated the content of the MTV programme and created ‘must-listen-to’ content on air.

The challenge

Our objective was to promote MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ as the unmissable show for Spring. We wanted to drive intrigue, anticipation, awareness and intention to view by really igniting conversations.

Our Approach

We knew that the KISS audience was a perfect match for MTV, with 67% of our audience being 15-35 (index 210) and we knew that our similar audience would also love the amusing, fun content that the show contained. We felt that the best way to demonstrate MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ was to actually showcase the content on air.

The Idea

KISS had a case of the Ex Factor with a Twist. Since MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ was all about bringing exes together on screen, KISS decided to promote their show by doing the same but on the airwaves! We ran a promotion with KISS’s biggest show Live@KISS using exes with the juiciest stories dishing the dirt on each other to win prizes!


We ran 5 days of pre-promotion letting our audience know about the launch of ‘Ex on The Beach’ and encouraging the KISS audience to preregister online to take part. Here they were encouraged to engage with the show’s content on a fully branded creative page including links through to the ‘Ex on the Beach’ site.

Throughout the competition week, the KISS team called those who’d entered to find out all about their relationship with their ex. If something naughty, inappropriate or downright disgusting happened the KISS team got it out of them! Each day the presenters brought one pair of exes to air. The incentive of a cash reward for each question they answered correctly and the opportunity to embarrass their ex spurred them on! The outcome was fun content that truly demonstrated the synopsis of the MTV show. It also encouraged KISS consumers to see more of it by tuning into the full version on MTV.

The content brought huge interaction amongst listeners via Twitter and Facebook, and this was also used to promote the competitions further.

The highest ever series launch in MTV history...Amazing, amazing results that we should all very justifiably be very proud of delivering for MTV. Everyone here is clearly totally delighted and thanks again to your team.

Jo BaconMTV