Case studies

Nescafé & Bauer City Network

A breakfast show sponsorship deal on Magic and Key 103, supported with centralised  Bauer City Network “Kick Start Your Day” promotions.

The challenge

Nescafé’s key objective was to reposition their brand as a tool to kick start people’s mornings, rather than a drink with which to relax with. They wanted to increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchase of the product.

Our Approach

The breakfast shows on Magic and the Bauer City Network are focused around waking up our listeners in the morning and getting them ready for the day ahead through a mix of great music, news, weather and travel. They formed the perfect environment for Nescafé to promote the repositioning of their brand.

The Idea

Our idea was to sponsor the breakfast shows of national radio brand, Magic and Manchester’s Key 103. These morning partnerships acted as a backbone to the campaign reinforcing Nescafé’s morning based key messaging. This was supported with centralised spotlight promotions across 23 Bauer City Network stations focused on ‘Kick Starting Your Day’ at specific times of the year, for example when the clocks go back or during the summer holiday.


The Magic and Key breakfast partnerships involved sponsored 10 second credits running through the breakfast shows. This enabled Nescafé to rotate all of  their key messaging on a high frequency in a key day part throughout the campaign. A Nescafé tag was also played every morning before the 'Jukebox' feature and the presenters encouraged listeners to take part in a Nescafé Original competition: sharing a song that kick started their day. The competition prize was a trip across London in a helicopter.

In addition, the 'Kick Start Your Day' content was extended across the Bauer City Network. Every Monday, the breakfast presenters played a listener’s ‘Kick Start Your Week’ track before directing listeners to an online competition to win further prizes.

Digital support was provided through Bauer City Network newsletters, radio player take overs and directional media driving through to the Nescafé competition pages.



of listeners agreed that Nescafé “is a brand they trust” (increase from 80%)

20% increase

in agreement in the statement, “Nescafé gives me a good start to the day”