Case studies

News UK And Absolute Radio

News UK partnered with Absolute Radio to promote Sun+ Goals app, through tapping into relevant football-related on air environments and creating stand out features

The challenge

To increase awareness of the Sun+ Goals app and the exclusive rights to broadcast video clips of the Premier League,to encourage listeners to sign up to Sun+ and to reaffirm that the Sun is the UK’s biggest selling newspaper.

Our Approach

In order to promote News UK’s objectives we needed to tap into relevant football content that would reach their target audience and deliver their messages with minimal wastage. Football is important to a high proportion of Absolute Radio’s listeners lives and the station has bespoke shows– for example ‘Rock n Roll football’ dedicated entirely to football. It was important for us to tap into this content to deliver the messages in an appropriate environment for News UK.

The Idea

A multi layered campaign, combining exclusive display ad buy outs, branded goal flashes, pre-recorded trails and Spotlight features, allowed us to fully integrate News UK into relevant branded content. Together they provided the perfect environment for promoting the Sun+ Goals app.


News UK digital football highlights received on-air exposure with spot ads both before and after matches on Absolute Radio from 3.45pm to 5.45pm every Saturday. There was also an additional permanent ad slot every Saturday at 5.20pm throughout the entire 2013/14 season.

Editorially, goal flashes with the News UK branding were created and broadcast on Sundays and for mid week games. In addition, we ran  pre-recorded trails every Monday between 10am and 4pm throwing forward to the evening goal flashes and creating awareness and an appointment to listen.

Absolute Radio ran Spotlight features voiced by the 'Rock'N'Roll Football' team - Ian Wright, Russ Williams and lead commentator Jim Proudfoot -  which promoted the News UK's digital coverage and explained the app’s benefits. These ran on Fridays in the build-up to that weekend's match.

For those listening online or via a mobile device through Absolute Radio's Instream, a 60-second ad showcasing News UK's digital highlights appeared.News UK were also prominent on Absolute Radio’s mobile devices and were accessed within our 'Rock'N'Roll Football' Live Scores app through clickable banners.



of Absolute Radio listeners recalled the activity.


of listeners find the association between Sky+ Goals and Rock n Roll Football on Absolute Radio appropriate.

The Sun+ Goals partnership with Absolute Radio successfully demonstrated that we are at the heart of live football and a must-have subscription for any football fan. The commercial messaging seamlessly fitted within and contributed to the editorial content across all platforms.

Dan KeatDirector of Investment – m/SIX