Case studies

O2 Go Think Big & The Debrief

Thanks to The Debrief, GoThinkBig was able to educate its core youth audience about ways to get started on the career ladder.

The challenge

To establish the O2 GoThinkBig (GTB) brand as an essential resource for the 20-something career-aspirational female by delivering content, inspiration and advice in a credible, authentic tone that’s unique to The Debrief audience.


Our Approach

We noticed an emerging thirst among our core youth audiences for inspiring content and support from trusted brands on how to get a foot on the career ladder. Rich in qualifications but poor in experience,16-24 year olds were desperate for real, honest and practical solutions to this dilemma. Bespoke insight allowed us to find out exactly what they wanted – inspiring content from people they trust and admire and real opportunities on a level playing field. By integrating the O2 GTB solution into the editorial of The Debrief, we were able to talk about this ‘dry’ subject and make it cool and appealing.


The Idea

We created a weekly franchise called ‘Ask A Grown-up’, covering not only careers, but also health, current affairs, common sense etc. By making it all-encompassing, GTB would be associated with an audience interested not just in career content, but in other areas too. Covering questions such as ‘Will it make a difference if the minimum wage goes up?’ and ‘How can I stop spending money unnecessarily?’, the campaign also featured articles such as:

  1. Things you find out in your first year of work.
  2. The new CV rules – where colour and GIF image files were once forbidden, now they’re required reading.
  3. No Boss Bullshit – where we asked a boss for honest answers.
  4. How to make an interview-appropriate outfit from stuff that’s already in your wardrobe.
  5. What’s an uncommon job that pays surprisingly well?
  6. Cool careers you never knew existed.



Sponsorship of the Life channel – road-blocking vertical with billboards and MPUs; 15 editorial articles and four newsletters as well as Life channel monthly roadblocks.



2.04 Minutes

Average dwell time


Views for the NTK franchise features against a target of 12,000


Tablet-based display performance