Case studies

Orange & Absolute Radio

We created interesting, relevant content to allow the Orange U24 offer to be promoted with maximum cut through.

The challenge

To raise awareness of Orange’s offer to Under 24’s as well driving customers in-store over the Summer and to create stand out for Orange.

Our Approach

We wanted to focus on content that would be relevant to Orange’s target audience. With unemployment highest among young people at the moment, we thought we could tap into the need for providing young people with good, paid apprenticeships and wrap Orange’s messaging around this.

The Idea

To highlight the benefits of Orange’s new U24 plan, we created a unique ‘Apprentice’ campaign to target this age-group by offering a once in a lifetime prize – an apprenticeship at Absolute Radio. The winner was offered a salaried post at Absolute Radio’s offices for 6 months, helping with programming, studio, music and promotional production. 


For over a month we ran a campaign featuring 60” Orange branded features from our Absolute Radio presenters talking about their career paths/how they got where they are today/advice for students/interview tips etc. Alongside this, we ran targeted In-stream audio and visual ads served to our logged in listeners across desktop and mobile, targeting 16 – 24 year olds with specific messaging.

To provide further information on Orange U24 and the Apprentice campaign, all on-air activity drove listeners online to a microsite hosted on This contained information about the U24 plan, as well as video content from our presenters and the job description and application form.



higher traffic rate on microsite

6 times higher

competition entry level than we had anticipated