Case studies

Sky & Absolute Radio

A total station rebrand to promote Sky’s Bond movie channel.

The challenge

Sky were celebrating 50 years of James Bond with their exclusive Bond only movie channel and wanted to create a bang on launch day.

Our Approach

Knowing that a high proportion of our listeners are Bond fans, we wanted to do something different that would really create stand out and promote Sky’s Bond movie channel with great impact. Therefore we decided to totally rebrand our Absolute Radio 00’s station for the launch of the Sky channel.

The Idea

For the Sky channel launch day, Absolute Radio 00’s became Absolute Radio 007.  Throughout the day we played all of the James Bond themes and other songs associated with the films back to back and had 007 themed Sky tags running all day. We also had three ‘Bond’ promotional giveaways, giving our listeners the chance to win a free Sky subscription for a year and further providing the chance to promote the new movie channel.


During the week leading up to ‘Absolute Radio 007’ day, we ran 40” pre recorded trails, live reads and blipverts telling our listeners about Absolute Radio 007 in a frequent and integrated way. As well as the on air elements, we had a branded splashpage on with the online competition details and editorial endorsement of the Sky Bond channel. Absolute Radio 00’s page was taken over for the day with Sky Bond branding and this was mirrored on the radio player.

We also engaged with our listeners on our Facebook page and Twitter, with presenters building up excitement of the ‘Bond’ Day as well as running competitions asking listeners to finish famous Bond quotes and voting for their favourite Bond girl or theme song.

Absolute Radio are always ready to try something completely new to help us promote our content - the fact they flipped their station’s format and rebranded Absolute 00's for the day to help promote Sky Movies 007 was just brilliant!

Bob Suppiah Director of Promotions & Partnership Marketing at BSkyB