Case studies

Surf & Heat

Surf had full integration within heat’s ‘heat makes you happy’ January editorial campaign. A great example of editorial and commercial alignment.

The challenge

We presented to Unilever’s media team our ‘heat makes you happy’ research. The research was undertaken by neuroscientist, Neuro-Insight to gain greater understanding into how people respond to heat across the different media platforms. There had always been a hunch that heat was about making people happy and that being funny was important, but following the research this ‘happy’ state for heat consumers became an editorial goal. After presenting the findings, we were informed that Surf were working on a creative execution based around “Little Lifts”- about taking time out from your busy day to trigger moments that would lift spirits. Therefore there was a natural link between the idea of ‘Little lifts’ and the overall heat editorial strategy.

Our Approach

January is the most depressing month of the year. After the Christmas break credit card bills land, its back to work, no booze, diets etc. heat wanted to be there with their consumers every step of the way to provide them with fun and happiness to counteract this depressing mood. It was the perfect timing to give the heat consumer a ‘Little Lift’ to make them happy.

The Idea

heat editorial came up with the idea of turning the dullest month of the year into the brightest with a consumer campaign to make the heat audience happy. The heat brand was going to be the perfect antidote to the most miserable month of the year and Surf would be giving everyone a ‘Little Lift.’ 


Within heat magazine we created bespoke advertorials around ‘things that make us happy’ with Surf incorporated into the pages. This was supported with a series of ‘celebrity self help guides’ on staying happy which included Surf display ads, competitions with joint heat and Surf branding throughout. We also ran joint branded print and digital marketing ads in Closer and heat focused on promoting the campaign.

On heatradio, in order to create excitement and drive interaction with the heat listeners, we hosted a competition every weekday afternoon and evening encouraging listeners via Facebook to request the track that gives them a lift to win a “Little Lift.” Surf also sponsored weekday mornings - the ideal time that young mums/housewives would be listening whilst doing housework/washing and using Surf.

On we produced a Surf ‘Little Lift’ widget game for users to interact with (c.13,000 users clicked 14,000 times.) The user had to spin the washing machine to see if they had won.  It was supported digital editorial articles featuring 5 of the happiest kid videos, animal videos, dresses, jewellery etc, all in association with Surf, with social media support.



increase of spontaneous awareness (Exposed Vs Unexposed Uplifts)


increase of brand favourability


increase of purchase intent