Case studies

The Relentless Kerrang! Awards

A fully integrated sponsorship partnership in its fifth year.

The challenge

Relentless Energy Drinks have sponsored the Kerrang! Awards for five successful years. The Kerrang! Awards enables them to continue their commitment to rock music heritage and access influencers within the industry. In 2014 their objectives were to communicate their brand in an engaging and tangible way and to drive brand awareness of their passion and commitment for the music space.  It was therefore important that we continued to integrate them fully with the Kerrang! Awards and bring to life the Relentless brand.

Our Approach

Relentless Energy Drink is about ‘No Half Measures.’ These words define Relentless as they serve to remind to never compromise, to celebrate and encourage at every turn. They target the ‘alternative tribe’ who are driven by the need to see themselves apart from the mainstream. People who are super passionate about rock, metal and alternative music. This is an audience strongly aligned to the Kerrang! audience.  The awards allow Relentless to build strong brand awareness amongst this hedonistic youth audience.

The Idea

Through headline sponsor of the Kerrang! Awards, the naming rights allowed Relentless to be able to achieve high levels of media exposure, as well as inspire the ‘Alternative Tribe’ with engaging content and amplification. As part of the sponsorship, we also included two award sponsorships, the Best Live Band and the Relentless Award, for commitment to the music industry.


A variety of different touch points allowed Relentless to communicate their brand messages both at the event and amplified further before and afterwards. There were multi touch points across the awards night: Relentless received branding on the press boards, crowd barriers and at the entrance/bar. The Relentless logo was on the live stream which was used for questions to talent and specific Relentless brand questions.

Content from the awards became the vehicle for Relentless to communicate to the Kerrang! audience. It provided them with rich content for social channels and brand association with top tier artists at the awards.

The co-branded Awards were promoted heavily in the magazine, across digital platforms (, Twitter account and youtube account) and on air on Kerrang! radio. The whole event was also live tweeted and fed through Instagram and Facebook.


Number 1 on Twitter

#RelentlessKerrangAwards trended number 1 on Twitter in the UK during the awards.

Vision Nine have been activating our Relentless Energy Drink clients partnership of the Kerrang! Awards for five years. Over that time we have developed a great working relationship with the team at Bauer who always deliver an event asset that links closely to the Relentless brand and the passions of its consumers. They have come to know our brand and what it is we are trying to deliver for our shared fans of rock music.

Paul CampbellVision Nine