Case studies

WeightWatchers & Bauer City Network

Using local listener ambassadors to deliver relevant communication for WeightWatchers on
air and online.

The challenge

Our challenge was to create an introduction to ‘WeightWatchers - Simple Start’ - a new programme that was making it even easier to lose weight through focusing on ‘real people.’

Our Approach

The Bauer City Network covers radio stations in big cities that champion communities and strive to unite listeners through tailored programming in the places they live. We tapped into this localness to promote WeightWatchers getting listeners involved in the Simple Start programme.

The Idea

Using the strengths of the Bauer City Network of being able to deliver an overarching messaging with a local execution, we recruited listeners as ‘ambassadors’ of WeightWatchers in each different city signing up to the Simple Start programme and telling other listeners about how they found their WeightWatchers journey.


To launch Simple Start, we ran a four stage campaign:

  • The first served to recruit the listeners in each city to be the WeightWatchers ambassadors.
  • Then following the announcement of Simple Start on 26th December, WeightWatchers sponsored New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on Magic 105.4, championing it as ‘your first step to weight loss success’ which then led into the endorsement phase of the campaign. We used regional voices within the trails to ensure maximum local endorsement.
  • Throughout January, listeners from across the Bauer City Network were able to follow their local WeightWatchers ambassador as on-air activity communicated the changes our ambassadors had noticed since starting. All communication directed listeners online where a hub housed full information about Simple Start, how to join WeightWatchers and recipe videos of three of our ambassadors from across the country making some of the dishes to communicate that you can still eat the foods you love. This activity really leveraged the stations’ endorsement and in using listeners added real gravitas to the campaign as women with relatable stories told theirs in a manner that their peers would use themselves
  • The campaign concluded with trails and online support revealing how the cities’ ambassadors found the Simple Start programme and encouraging others to also take part.


over 27,000



conversion rate for those entering the competition.

5 minutes

dwell time on the pages

The radio element of the WeightWatchers campaign provided a great way of reaching people in a locally relevant environment. We were able to do this using Bauer’s portfolio of regional stations, giving us access to recruited listeners who were able to communicate with other listeners in a way that sounded familiar to them. This provided great stand out and a point of differentiation for the brand, benefiting from the affinity those listeners had with their local radio station.

Tom HughesSponsorship Manager, OMD