Case studies

XLS Medical With Heat & Closer

A fully integrated cross  platform campaign across the Closer and Heat brands that gave XLS Medical credence and standout across a 6 month period.

The challenge

Our objectives were to encourages sign up and trial of XLS Medical (a weight loss product that aids slimming), as well as to educate consumers that XLS Medical is the only product clinically proven to help you reduce weight.

Our Approach

Through our own insight into our readers, we understood the motivations and lifestyle challenges readers have regarding weight loss. We therefore wanted to use real Closer and heat women at the centre of the campaign who could inform and motivate other readers/users about the product. XLS Medical also provided the additional motivation to get involved by giving readers the opportunity to appear in a tv ad to promote the campaign further.

The Idea

The idea was to recruite “real women” to take up the XLS challenge, follow them in their 12 week programme and make them ‘ambassadors’ for XLS Medical. It resulted in a fully integrated cross platform campaign across Closer and heat that encouraged women to take up the XLS challenge, giving XLS stand out and credence in a cluttered, sometimes confusing market place.


The campaign ran across both the Closer and heat brands. Within the magazines, we ran a series of single pages, DPSs and smaller box out features  across a 6 month period. This featured the recruitment of the ambassadors, their introduction, their creative blogs highlighting their progress and finally the results of the 6 month programme. Within this content, XLS Medical product details were fully integrated into the editorial to encourage others to trial the product. 

The press activity was supported digitally, with a dedicated co-branded microsite that hosted all ambassador blogs alongside XLS messaging, HPTO, editorial stories, emails and MPU’s.  In addition, the heat and Closer Twitter feeds provided further support from other readers/users.

The Bauer team completely over delivered on this project in terms of commitment and success.  The passion and energy surrounding this project from Bauer has been refreshing from start to finish which has lead to a successful campaign and happy client.

Moya MatiasStrategic Partnership Manager, Newcast