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Diversity & Inclusion Manifesto

Our Diversity & Inclusion manifesto and mission statement aims to effect change through more targeted recruitment, wider education programmes, and the continued support and celebration of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

In publishing this manifesto, we will hold ourselves accountable and will ensure transparency and openness in our dialogue around diversity. We believe our people are our most valuable asset.

We commit to:

  1. Changing representation in our workforce, our products and our suppliers, making diversity in recruitment a priority
  2. Transparency and fairness on pay, helping us end the gender and race pay gap
  3. Educating our teams to help create a more inclusive and open culture, supporting them to improve and celebrating the diversity of our business

Mission Statement

The commitments we have made within this manifesto will happen through the following underpinning objectives and actions:

1. Ensuring diversity in our recruitment, in our teams and in our governance

Through our data, we know that our organisation is not representative of the wider workforce or those that our brands serve, and this needs to change.

Objective: Make a shift in the demographic make-up of our organisation to get us closer to being truly representative of the audiences we serve and therefore attracting new listeners and readers to our brands. Improve representation at senior and governance levels.


  • We will embed and champion the new recruitment process in Q3 2020, ensuring all recruitment follows the Race At Work and Social Mobility Charters
  • We will utilise diverse working groups for new business ideas
  • We will challenge leaders who are not shifting the demographics of their teams
  • We will instigate numerical targets for certain teams and locations for 2021, monitor these targets and be held accountable if they are not achieved
  • We will be open and transparent with the results in an ongoing way

2. Finding, supporting, and investing in new ways to increase the levels of representation and progression in Bauer

Objective: Continue to shift the experience of under-represented groups, reduce the attrition of our under-represented groups, and ensure their careers are progressing at Bauer.


  • Monitor and challenge where we lose people from under-represented groups
  • Highlight the experiences of our role models across the business
  • Ensure that promotion and development is handled in a fair and equitable manner

3. Commit to creating an inclusive and open culture

We want to ensure that all people at Bauer have a great experience whilst working for us and know that everyone is welcome at Bauer and that they will be treated with respect; that their voices will be heard and that their difference will be celebrated for the value that they bring.

Objective: An inclusive and positive culture where all are respected and valued.


  • We will act where we see behaviour that is unacceptable or falls below our standard through our management teams and our formal disciplinary processes
  • We will encourage people to “call it out” if they see behaviour which does not fit with our values
  • We will provide clear messaging and show our openness to discuss the behaviour of our people, no matter what level
  • We will challenge those who put up barriers to change.

4. Transparency and fairness on pay

Whilst we are ahead of the national average for the gender pay gap, we have more work to do, with talent continuing to be a critical priority.

Objective: Reduction in pay gaps across the business


  • Establish a transparent and fair framework for pay across the business, continuing to publish our gender pay gap in line with the industry and at the same time publish our race pay gap – as committed to in the Broccoli Content Audio Pact
  • Continue to identify and mentor females and talent from ethnic minority communities for senior roles within the business, to help reduce those pay gaps
  • Ensure our working practices do not impact on earning abilities by excluding people from potential promotion

5. Ensuring diversity in our suppliers and our brands

Objective: Significant and measurable improvement is the representation of the diversity of our audiences in our brands and suppliers.


  • Clear demonstration of more representative brand output (magazine contributors, radio presenters)
  • Challenge brands that do not show diversity in their output
  • We will not engage with focus groups or business partners which do not commit to providing diversity
  • Ensure all recruitment partners are signed up to our recruitment charter

6. Supporting and championing the work of the diversity and inclusion forum

Objective: Increase awareness of all Bauer’s diversity activities across the whole of the business


  • Support and champion the work of the D&I forum
  • Invest in activities essential to ensuring a culture shift
  • Regular, direct communications from senior leadership to all levels of their team on progress in D&I Senior leadership to act to remove “blockers” to any agreed work from the D&I forum

7. Making diversity and inclusion accountable for all senior leaders

Objective: Ensure accountability of senior leadership for the success of diversity efforts in their areas


  • Create a standing item for all senior team meetings around business strategy and transformation
  • Ensure D&I is included in the objectives of senior leaders
  • Ensure D&I is included in communications with teams